Update your Room with Custom Cushions

New year, new beginnings, new decor! Nothing beats coming home to a clean room with fresh sheets. A great and easy way to give new life to any room is with cushions. Our online seamstress services make it easy to bring your own style to life no matter which part of the country (or beyond)... Continue Reading →


Neck attire | cravats, bow ties, & pussy bows | Melbourne Dressmaker

Cloth worn around ones neck can be dated back to the 17th century Croatian mercenaries who wore scarves with a unique knot; what we know as the cravat. Whilst men predominately wore neckties, it was not unusual for a women to wear them. Many variations have developed since then including the ascot or "hanker-tie", bow... Continue Reading →

Melbourne & Winter layers

The one good thing to enjoy about winter is accessories! Layering is without a doubt the best way to keep warm... One of our go to pieces for winter warmth is the "shood" aka scarf-hood. An easy to wear accessory with pockets added for extra convenience we wear our shood indoors as well as outside.... Continue Reading →

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