Finding inspiration…

Visualising a dress inspired by the curves carved in this granite capital... What inspires you..?


Constructing Convenience

The Melbourne Dressmaker way... Seamless/invisible pockets, added for comfort and convenience. How can we help tailor for your event?      

Fabric versatility

Our broad range of experience enables our ability to work with many different styles and materials offering high detailed finishing. Mason & Maker can help with any small to medium sized production runs, sampling, pattern or grade work. For more about our services contact Tasha Simeon: 0499 334 944 dress available here

Melbourne & Winter layers

The one good thing to enjoy about winter is accessories! Layering is without a doubt the best way to keep warm... One of our go to pieces for winter warmth is the "shood" aka scarf-hood. An easy to wear accessory with pockets added for extra convenience we wear our shood indoors as well as outside.... Continue Reading →

Melbourne weddings

Putting pencil to paper to make dreams come true.   Designing to specifications can be challenging, but the reward of satisfaction is always worth so much more. Many hours of sewing, plus a little nip and tuck ensures a well fitted dress for a night to be remembered.     No matter the challenge we... Continue Reading →

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