Shopping for Fabrics

The most commonly asked question is where to find good fabrics... The obvious choice is to visit a fabric store which offers a good variety with quality fabrics...   With that in mind, I have decided to compile a list of fabric stores for makers/designers, anyone wanting to create something from cloth. Happy fabric shopping... Continue Reading →

What neckline suits your face shape?

A deep décolletage will certainly catch the eye, yet some necklines will suit you more than others. about jewellery  discusses the different necklines and how to wear them. If you're already planning your summer vacation, chat to us about how we can help refresh your wardrobe.    

wardrobe investments

Whether you've purchased a tailored or a store bought item, the difference between a good and a bad garment is the quality of the fabric, the cut and style, and the quality in the finished construction. Sometimes it's worthwhile investing that little bit extra in your wardrobe, for a well fitted, well made item to... Continue Reading →

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